Spoken but unspoken.


I write , I write
Trying To put my conceptualization into words
Even when I speak, my words never leave my temple, they stay at soul.

Its easy to say something without really saying anything, without really meaning it, so why do we say anything at all?
“Actions speaker louder than words” they say,but Have you ever tried to communicate to your subconscious with it?
Words are there we just never try to express  instead we pretend to.

The voice inside me whispers a lot ,but i never seem to ausculate anything,

Even when i open my Doors i still feel knocking.
Whats more scary The Devil or The Evil In people which qualifies them as deamons?
Don’t bother, Even  I wouldn’t know
But I bet the man you called crazy earlier, Might be able to supply us with a response, the crazy ones are always the strong minded ones, do you still think he is crazy now?

Strange, I speak but it remains unspoken.



14 thoughts on “Spoken but unspoken.

  1. Hey! This was a great post! I loved it and can really relate to it, in fact I wrote a similar one about screaming. i look forward to yor future posts, and I’d love to know what you think of mine if you get the time to read it! xx


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